Aldfaer, a free genealogy program

(Se denne side på dansk.)

Aldfaer is a free to use Dutch genealogy computer program which has been in common use for many years by at present more than 10,000 genealogists and geneticists primarily in Holland and neighbouring countries. Aldfaer run on Windows PC's and was the first genealogy program to implement The Knot System relationship notation, which was released in Aldfaer version 3.02 by late 2004.

The program is under continous improvement by the development team with help from other contributors. The newest iteration of the program Aldfaer version 8.1 was released in mid April 2020.

Unfortunately the homepage, documentation and specifications of Aldfaer only exist in Nederlands (the language of the Dutch people) and that makes it hard for the rest of us to benefit from the rich capabilities of this genealogy program.

Intensive use of Internet translation facilities like Microsoft Translator or translate.google.com may bring you a long way in trying to understand Aldfaer, how to install it and not the least to benefit from its implementation of The Knot System.

The purpose of this homepage is to help you download and install the program, make it communicate in English or other languages and import a GEDCOM file with your family data to be able to experience a practical implementation of The Knot System.

An Install Aldfaer Guide describing these installation processes in English can be downloaded here.

Aldfaer language support

Aldfaer is prepared to communicate in other languages than Nederlands and the Aldfaer B_team developers has made it easy to implement, just follow the instructions in the Install Aldfaer Guide.

Aldfaer's user interface is supported in the following languages:

  • Dansk (Danish)
  • Deutsch (German)
  • English
  • Espanol (Spanish)
  • Francais (French)
  • Frysk (Frisian)
  • Italiano (Italian)
  • Nederlands (Dutch)
  • Norsk (Norwegian)
  • Portugues (Portuguese)

Aldfaer can generate graphical and text reports in the following languages:

  • Duitse rapporten (German)
  • Engelse rapporten (English)
  • Franse rapporten (French)
  • Friese rapporten (Frisian)
  • Norkse rapporter (Norwegian)
  • Spanse rapporten (Spanish)


Aldfaer's implementation of The Knot System

This Aldfaer Quick Guide will help new users quickly to get acquainted with Alfaer's general user interface and present a more elaborate description of Aldfaer's implementation of The Knot System. The quick guide can be downloaded here.

Below is an example of how Aldfaer documents the complex kinship between Queen Margrethe II of Denmark and King Harald V of Norway:

KinCode for Queen Margrethe and King Harald

And below an example on how Aldfaer documents the two ascent-lists that constitute the first primary KinCode element above: 8.08:

KinCode element for Queen Margrethe and King Harald